Just Back Up the Truck and Let Catylex AI Do the Work

At Catylex, we believe that software should lower your workload, not add to it.

At Catylex, we believe that software should lower your workload, not add to it. We know that legal teams and their legal ops colleagues are not sitting around looking for extra work to keep them busy. Everyone is already busy. Very busy. So the idea of "finding time" to sort through hundreds or thousands of big fat contracts is daunting, to put it mildly.


Before you even start searching for important operational or risk-related clauses, there's basic triage to be done. Do we know where to find every contract? Do we have any gaps, like missing amendments? Which deals are expired or dormant? Which agreements require special handling due to sensitive data?

This triage alone is enough to make many legal teams pause before attempting to digitize and modernize their contracts. And while AI can be a great way to extract and analyze the data inside contracts, many vendors expect their customers to do even more work "training" their AI in order to get useful results.

With Catylex, the experience is different. You don't need to stress about doing even more work. You just back up the truck, dump a pile of documents that might be contracts (or not), and let our automated Contract Analytics do the work for you.

So, if you're worried about what's hidden in the fine print of your contracts, but daunted by the work involved, worry no more. Drop us a line and we'll show you how easy it is to get started.

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