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Our Contract AI Just Works

AI is exciting and transformative, but it takes special skills and long hours to make it work in the real world. Other vendors expect you to spend weeks “training” their AI to get results. We don’t. We’ve done the hard yards so that it works out-of-the-box. You get the data you need, faster.

We’ve Cracked the Contract Data Code

How do you turn legalese into data? A big part of making Contract AI work is solving the data challenge. Most vendors over-simplify the problem by looking for a few dozen clauses. Our machines understand contracts using many thousands of concepts. Even if you only want to track a few dozen things, our fine-grained analysis will deliver the data quality you need.

10,000 Hours of Expertise

Why hasn’t anyone done this before? Put simply, it’s a very, very complicated problem – what Malcolm Gladwell calls a 10,000-hour problem. Luckily, the Catylex® team has decades of deep legal, business and data experience to crack the contract data code.

Our Team

The Catylex® management team is a group of legal, financial and technology experts with a passion for solving the complexity of contract analysis. We work tirelessly to build a great platform that helps our clients scale, grow and succeed.

Andrew Downes


David Rosen


Jamie Wodetzki

Chief Product Officer

Andy Tuckett

Head of Sales

Dhruv Sharma

Chief Technology Officer

Jennifer Williams

Head of Client Success

Robert C. Lee

Head of Content Development

Drew Ball

Head of Business Development

Bob Grados

Head of Real Estate and Structured Finance

Key Advisors

Rob Appel
Entrepreneur and Investor
Shahnaz Shroff
SVP - Senior Director, BBDO
Tom Fisher
Jim Burns
Global FinTech and AI

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