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Organizing and understanding contracts can be challenging when your own team is already overloaded. That's why Catylex has relationships with skilled and experienced professionals to augment your own resources and accelerate project completion.


Solving Contract Problems Together

Prepare for New Regulations & Repapering

Accelerate compliance with new regulatory mandates by combining contract analytics with document review and repapering services.

Data-Driven CLM Deployment

Combine AI data extraction, quality review and related services to ensure “CLM readiness” and successful loading of legacy contract portfolios.

Enterprise Contract Data Feeds

Curate a golden source of contract documents with high quality, normalized data for mapping, connecting and feeding to procurement, finance, sales, accounting and other operational systems.

Tech-Enabled Operating Model for Contracts

Implement an operating model that leverages technology, process and people to ensure that all contracts are managed via fast, data-driven, lower-risk processes.

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