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Contract AI That Works

Not sure what’s buried in the fine print of your contracts? Catylex® is the answer. We take the pain out of legal fire-drills, and we provide the data required for digital contract management success. Even better, our contract analytics works out-of-the-box.
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Contracts Are Vital – But Risky – Business Assets.

Sales contracts underpin revenue certainty
Vendor contracts underpin supply chain and cost certainty
Financial and other contracts underpin liquidity, solvency and business value
Good contracts protect your business from risk
Bad contracts expose your business to risk

What’s Buried In Your Fine Print?

Contracts are opaque, wordy documents
It’s extremely slow and expensive to read them all
Most businesses live with 10% visibility and 90% uncertainty
Weak contracts and contracting can cost over 9% of revenues

How It Works

Step 1:

Upload your files

Step 2:

Files scanned automatically

Step 3:

Data is normalised

Step 4:

Analysis created

Step 5:

Results ready in minutes

Step 6:

Ready for you to search

How It Works

Step 1:
Load Documents
Step 2:
Extract Data
Step 3:
Operationalize Data

How Is This Different?

Covers all contract types
Works out of the box
No learning or programming
You can use it immediately

Who Is Catylex® For?

Catylex® works in all sectors where there is a high volume of non-standard contracts.

Chief Revenue Officer

Shorter sales cycles
Efficient use of sales time
Reduce reliance on internal Legal
Less revenue leakage

Head of Legal Operations

Manage internal costs
Speed up contract cycles
Focus on value-add work
Help team workload

Head of Procurement

Reduce reliance on internal Legal
Cut 3rd party spend
Help internal clients manage risks
Address renewal issues


Reduce contract renewal leakage
Understand hidden contract risks
Manage exposures
Reduce external spend

General Counsel

Faster service for internal clients
Help manage workloads
Reduced 3rd party spend
More time for advisory work

Contracts Professionals

Review docs much faster
Less stress about missing key terms
Focus on the docs that matter
More answers, fewer caveats

What People Say...

Catylex supplied the contract data that was critical to the success of our CLM project
- Fortune 500 Legal Dept
Most vendors don't really understand complex financial contracts. Catylex is different. Their deep industry and legal knowledge shines through
- Asset Management GC
Like a fourth year associate in-a-box
- Above The Law
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